The 2015 resolution – all good things come in threes

We are all aware of the importance of the adage mens sana in corpore sano – or a healthy mind in a healthy body. That is why we eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day and NEVER exceed the number of alcoholic units we are allowed on a weekly basis! Then there is the aim of getting our government recommended minutes of exercise per week.

Collectively these three life enhancing guidelines should make us feel fitter and stronger.

The same is true in operations under pressure to be more productive and profitable. Broad reviews are undertaken and areas of improvement identified. Proposals to address those are then drawn up with high hopes and expectations for implementation.

At Mimaki we believe there are three broad key business improving approaches that will help any operation make positive changes: speed, agility and teamwork. In order for a business to be lean and profitable, it has to be agile. Forget flexibility, agility is the new buzzword du jour. This goes hand in hand with speed – if you can’t adapt to change quickly, you can forget it. It’s a fast-paced world, make the change work with or for you, never against you. Teamwork will prove to be crucial – your company can produce wonderful products, but it’s the team that makes and sells them.

All our solutions are designed with these abilities in mind so customers can see how each one makes an impact on their operations from day one.
In 2015, we’ll be underlining our commitment to this belief by supporting three sporting organisations spread over Europe throughout their forthcoming seasons.

  • Nothing conjures up images of speed better than Formula One which is why we are the official Caterham technical partner. UK based, but speeding all over the globe.
  • When we think agility hockey springs to mind, so we are delighted to work with Netherlands based team MHC Lelystad. And it is not just the team jerseys that will carry the Mimaki sponsorship. The entire field will carry branded signage too – talk about a home game.
  • Bearing the flag for teamwork and wearing Mimaki (printed and) branded shirts will be Germany based volleyball team GCDW aka Geilster Club der Welt.
  • We hope our sponsorship will help these teams be fitter and stronger to achieve greater success.

    We also want to help our customers realise the same goals – so the question is how can we help improve your business health? Let’s talk in 2015. Let’s create… Together.

    Mike Horsten